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Darth Vader is coming back in the episode VII

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Disney is willing to make the seventh episode of "Star Wars" one of the best first episodes of the new trilogy. For that reason it has taken a trump card, though still to be decided, resurrect Darth Vader.
If anything we are clear of the first episode of the new trilogy in the saga of "Star Wars" is that it has become the story of the resurrection. Or that's the plan from a few weeks ago Disney bought Lucasfilm.
If we knew a few days ago the news that Han Solo (Harrison Ford), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) were in talks to return in the new trilogy of Star Wars, is now the turn the villain of this saga and that most fans remember, Darth Vader. 
Yes, we all know that the father of Luke "I am your father" Skywalker died in 1983 in the film "Return of the Jedi", but the Disney factory to give him a second chance and bring him back from the dark side. So you do know a source close to the production to the digital version of theDaily Express. This has confessed that "Darth Vader reborn from its ashes because it is an integral part of the saga. His replacement is virtually impossible. The idea is to come back and play a role in the new movie".
The production calls for the need to restore this character again in the series because of its great importance. And we all know that in the movies everything is possible as demonstrated by this comment: "This is science fiction, remember? Darth Vader rise from the ashes". What we do not know is if he still will have the look of the 80s or character will be updated as the XXI century. 
But like possibly return the character of Darth Vader, who will not return the actor who embodied in "Star Wars", David Prowse. Because he already has 77 years, that does not mean it is old, and has some health problems, it will be almost impossible to help in this new stage of galactic project. 
We will have to find another actor who can do as well or even better than it did at the time Prowse. The casting, we believe, will be very long to find the perfect actor for this great character who, although he was one of the best villains of all time galaxy, eventually made ​​a hole in our hearts.

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